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PEAT is a Peaks Island, Maine nonprofit.  We meet monthly at the Community Center.  Meetings are announced on Nextdoor Peaks Island, Carol’s list, and in the Star.  Join us in working for a lighter footprint on the island environment.


Wednesday, 19 June at 7:00, One tool to address Climate change:  Former Peaks resident Sam Saltonstall returns to our Island to give a presentation on the bipartisan Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (HR763).  Sam’s presentation explains what HR763 will accomplish, and how.

The Act, already introduced in Congress with 38 cosponsors, will

  • ·      Cut U.S. greenhouse gas emissions 40% over the next 12 years,
  • ·      Create 2.1 million jobs, and
  • ·      Save 295,000 lives in the next 12 years due to cleaner air.

Fees collected would then be returned to American households as carbon dividends. This “carbon fee and dividend” concept is supported by major environmental organizations, climatologists, thousands of economists, many faith groups, four past Federal Reserve Chairmen, and an increasing number of businesses.

Sam is an active member of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, which has eight chapters in Maine, one of them in Portland.  He and 19 other Maine members have just returned from Washington, where they and other members from around the country met with Senators and Representatives to urge support for HR763.











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a lighter footprint on the Island environment