Peaks Island Golf Cart Rentals

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Golf cart rentals have a significant impact on the quality of life for both residents and visitors. Here’s why…..

Air Pollution – Gas powered golf carts which make up the vast majority of rentals have no pollution controls. Each one can create more pollution than 8 cars (Even older cars).  It’s not just dangerous exhaust, they smell!

 Noise Pollution – Gas power golf carts are 50% louder than a car.

 CongestionThere are over 44 rental golf carts on an island that is only 4 miles around. With one-hour rentals, 1 golf cart per minute drives past our homes. How would like that in your neighborhood!

Global Warming – Gas golf carts generate greenhouse gas including carbon dioxide. Walking and biking do not.

Quality of Life – In a recent survey of residents and visitors to peaks indicates over 90% feel that golf cart rentals hurt the quality of life on Peaks Island.

 Don’t be part of the problem. Enjoy Peaks island naturally with a light footprint. Be considerate of residents and visitors who want to enjoy the natural beauty of Peaks Island. Walk, bike or take an electric golf cart tour. Its only 4 miles around, an hour walk or 20 minute bike ride if you’re in rush.

Take your time and smell the ocean and hear the waves, not the sound of a golf cart.

Background: The State of Maine passed a law in 2001 that allowed golf carts to be used on the Islands of Maine. This was for transportation not amusement, the advent and abuse of golf cart rentals was never anticipated.


a lighter footprint on the Island environment