Graffiti Busting


The Back Shore of Peaks Island is an area of natural beauty that has been a venue for weddings and artists.  Sadly there are those that wantonly vandalize and deface natural treasures.

A hearty thank you to all the Graffiti Busters for their most excellent work September 16, 2017 during the coastal cleanup of 2017.  And thank you to all the cleaners who cleared the coast of trash and garbage.  The coast is clear and looks great!


The vandalism at Pic Nic Point

pic nic point

The abomination at Bracket Point

Bracket Point



After at Bracket Point



THE GRAFFITI BUSTERS at work during 2017 Coatal Clean Up
Bob and Rebecca Bunton
George Cantalupo
Steve ClaymanSteve Fennell
Paul Fox
Jo Israelson
Mark Robinson
Julie Woodman






AFTER Graffiti was busted at pic nic point

a lighter footprint on the Island environment