Peaks Energy Action Club

Peaks is one of a number of Maine islands to have formed a Community Energy Action Team with financial support from the EPA through the Island Institute. The team has named itself the Peaks Energy Action Club.  PEAC is under the fiscal sponsorship of PEAT so that it can receive grants. Anyone is welcome to attend our meetings and join our club. For more information, email or call Michelle Brown, our coordinator.

PEAC will provide materials and instructional support for a new school energy unit

Our mission is to provide informational resources to our community about energy efficiency and renewable energy options.  An EPA grant received through the Island Institute has provided us with educational materials and state-of-the-art tools to help us investigate local energy projects of our own choosing.  These tools will soon be available for loan from the island branch library.

DSCN0402Our work must have a strong educational component.  With our first grant of $5,000, we hired Holbrook Engineering to produce an energy modeling study or possible building envelope modifications and heating system replacement options at Peaks Island Elementary School, and for the Island branch library’s anticipated renovation project.  The grant has also paid for materials being used in a hands-on grade 4-5 science unit exploring energy at P.I.E.S..

Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 8.19.04 PMThe library effort will culminate in a display to be designed by island graphic artist Marty Braun, showing which energy efficiency options the Library chose and why.  It is our hope that providing this information will help visitors think about similar opportunities in their own homes.

Below is a link to the materials shared with us by the Island Institute. You will find them rich in useful information. We encourage you to have a look and to consider joining us at an upcoming meeting!

The Light of Green Energy

a lighter footprint on the Island environment